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Livingstone Rail Run


29th July 2023

Salomon Forest Force Run Series:

14km – 16th September 

23km – 30th September utmb

42km – 29th October utmb

50km – 29th October utmb

About the Organizer

Welcome to King Trail Events (formerly World Of Trails) – the organising team behind some of Singapore’s best trail races since 2017. Since our inception in 2017 under our former name World Of Trails, we have spearheaded multiple trail running and non trail running events in Singapore. Our expertise is mainly on trail running events but since the Covid 19 pandemic completely altered the trail running landscape of Singapore, we had to evolve with the changing environment and branch out to organise non trail running events as well. We are the organisers behind the popular On The Hill 10K, Forest Force 50, Force Of Nature Marathon and Salomon Rail Forest Run series of races. And for 2023, we are introducing 2 new running events, Livingstone Railway Run and Salomon Forest Force Run Series. Those who had participated in our races can attest to the quality of the exciting and challenging races we organise and we will continue on with providing the same race experiences in the 2 new events we are going to unleash in 2023. If you are all fired up by now, learn more about our 2 latest events and sign up today itself!